"Inexpensive, easy to use, and excellent software solution to organize and track the status of planning applications."
City of Greenfield, CA

CTPermits web-based application keeps track of the City planning projects and building permits for small cities with population of less than 75,000. Considering the limited budget and number of City staff, CTPermits was designed based on the principals of centralized database, reusable GIS data, seamless web based data exchange among different agencies, and reduced cost.  

CTPermits offers intuitive web based user interface with limited data entry, scanning capabilities, GIS window to view parcels, zoning designation and development standards, planning projects and building permits status, fee calculations, statistical tools, and unlimited secure user access to the system.  

CTPermits engine consists of four main customizable modules that are Planning, Building, Code Enforcement, and Economic Development.


Please visit the website www.CTPermits.net for the demo.


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