GIS Solutions

Providing web-based Geographical Information System (GIS) solutions since 2005, TechnoNet Group is dedicated to creating, managing and hosting innovative  web-based GIS solutions for both government and business.


TNG offers project, implementation, and industry-focused services to support customers and business partners. We provide: 
  • Distributed GIS solutions
  • Customization of off-the-shelf GIS technology
  • Consultation on exiting systems and integration with third party technologies
as well as a range of other services to meet your needs.
As a member of your project team, we will apply our extensive application development experience and the lessons learned through numerous years of building innovative GIS solutions.
Our project solutions are based on the solid foundation of open source technology. Our access to a large network of partner organizations gives us additional resources to meet your technological and business requirements.
TNG's goal for designing clients’ geospatial databases is to develop data models that will be easy for your GIS specialists to manage over the long run. Our databases provide reliable and expandable secure solutions to the management of your GIS data storage requirements.


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